Saturday, 24 March 2007

Lying on nests in the middle of busy roads
licking sandy pebbles
caressing the gravel spread across the concrete floor
the world involved by an acid atmosphere...

There's no rest
even on the corners of your lips
where there use to be shelter
from the wet earthquakes
of trains and trucks and buses
in the rain
all reproducing the same humid roar.

And underneath the tar
the ancient repercussion of horse shoes
and echoes of drunken voices
expelled by relieved bodies
for they found steady ground
after days with shaking trees, trail dust
and phantoms of road thieves

I find refuge in forward looking
in the projections of warm and sunny memories,
places where salt caresses the tongue
and sand pierces the skin.
Where pain triggers laughter
and all the space around us
stretches corridors to inviting doors.

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