Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Propelled by perpetual churning the city pulsates. it throbs. enticing its residents to fight expulsion, to desire being digested by its never ending swirl. that pushes its objects through made up circuits, uneven spirals. 
The long tails of movements and transactions trace intricate filigrees in the urban atmosphere, new non-linear axes that become a new order for reason.
As we forget the square lines that never existed we find new ways of pressing onto uneven surfaces, of moving through volumetric spaces, of perceiving time in matter, of meddling with the uncanny.
As if we had finally realised that what we perceive as forms and feelings are nothing but temporary entanglements of wider strings, propagating in spacetime geometries... and beyond.

The History of Words

Before words, each person's thoughts could develop freely without the intervention of strangers’. If someone liked an other, a warm gest...